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Pasko’s Balkan Grill… a taste of the Mediterranean. A family restaurant in Roses, Costa Brava, Spain, specializing in Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine.

Pasko’s Balkan Grill Restaurant, Roses, Spain serves famous Balkan home-cooked barbecue food. Pasko’s Restaurant has been praised for its great atmosphere, great authentic Balkan dishes and great value for money – Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine! Our simple and elegant menu offers freshly prepared tapas, salads and high-quality grilled meats at the charcoal-fired “Balkan Grill”. Pasko’s Balkan Grill specialties include the famous ćevapčići, pljeskavice and ražnjići from the Balkans, as well as other barbecue specialties.

The extensive menu also includes less traditional items such as meat and fish… and obviously the memorable experience of the famous Rakia: “Sljivovica” can be savored in our rustic Balkan restaurant with its relaxed atmosphere.

All of our dishes are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, sourced from local suppliers and spices shipped from the Balkans, providing a Mediterranean diet that many health professionals have considered one of the healthiest in the world.

If we believe that our customers from all over the world, according to Tripadvisor, Pasko’s Balkan Grill Restaurant is continuously voted as one of the best restaurants in Roses, Catalonia, Spain.

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